About Me- Nick Farr

I have served in full-time ministry for twelve years at three different churches. I currently serve as the Campus Experience Pastor at Pantano Christian Church, am one of the original leaders for YouthMin.org (a 7,000+ Youth Ministry Community), and passionately mentor several men.


I’m happily married and have two daughters. My wife (Laura) and I, along with our children, live in Tucson, AZ enjoying 360 days of sunshine a year!

Welcome to Tactical Ministry. Above, you see a man that spent most of his life searching for the approval of others. Years of my life were spent hanging on the words of everyone around me. I continually positioned myself to do the right thing and say the right words. While my heart was pure in motive and my desire to serve the Lord resolute, my mind made others the Lord of my identity.


Beginning in 2015, my boss confronted me with the worst news I could imagine. Everyone knew I was fake. The charade was over. At first, I was embarrassed and took every opportunity I could get to tell everyone I was changing. This effort led to more behavior modification. It wasn’t until I started to look at my core that I realized how distorted my identity had become.


Two years later, Tactical Ministry is born out of this process. Searching for my own health led me to see the unhealthiness in those around me. Not everyone struggles with this, but those in ministry are especially vulnerable. Seeking to please God and lead those in our congregations can prove a toxic mix. We allow the glass house of ministry to chip away at our once unshakeable identity in Christ. The constant stream of opinions, criticisms, performance expectations and modern day miracle working either gives us a Christ complex or leaves us a shell ruined.


Tactical Ministry desires to change this paradigm. My goal is to help others find the steps to reclaim confidence in life and ministry. I want to talk about ministry outside of theory engaging, practical and strategic advice.


If you’re one of the lucky ones that have stumbled into health, join the movement and speak life and knowledge to those around you. If you silently struggle as I did for so many years, get ready to move forward. Let’s begin laying the foundation for our future in ministry leadership.