Imagine that you’re getting feedback from a co-worker or supervisor. What does your body language communicate about your state of mind? Today’s post is a quick challenge for the first work day of your week: Monday. Today, you will get feedback. Today, you will hear things you’d rather not have heard. How are you going to respond to this stuff? How are you going to take critical feedback?

Some of us are great with our words, but our facial expressions, body stance, and tone of voice give our true feelings away. Let me tell you a story: My wife and I were dating in college. One day she looked at me and said, “Stop making that noise!” I responded, “What noise?” She told me that whenever I hear something, I don’t like, I will expel a heavy breathe slowly out of my mouth. She said, “If you don’t like what I said, tell me! Don’t just sit there heavy breathing.” Until she said something, I had no idea that I did this when I heard something I didn’t want to hear. I asked some friends, and they said, “You always do that.”

My takeaway to you is this: How do you physically respond to feedback (and more importantly feedback you don’t want to hear)? I found a couple of articles online that offer some pretty great tips for you to remember today as you live out your Monday!

Remember: You are only one decision away from better leadership! How can you up your Monday game?

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  1. John says:

    My body language, and tone of voice get me in trouble all the time, even when sometimes people take it the wrong way. Yeah I get frustrated easily, but that’s because I’m a perfectionist.

    1. nickfarr says:

      IT’s great that you realize that! How are you working on it?