How do you discover your blind spot? In my previous post on how I was well on my way to self-destruction, I talked about a 360 review. In order to maximize your leadership, you need to get unfiltered responses of how you’re actually doing as a leader. That’s where a 360 review comes into play. I’ve attached a copy of a Google form that I’ve used before and you can use it now. If you’re able, copy the form to your own Google Drive and then prepare your list of people to email. I would suggest sending the 360 review to the following people (modify at will):

  1. Your supervisor
  2. Your direct report(s)
  3. Key volunteers in your ministry/leadership
  4. Your elders (if they are directly involved in your ministry or you interact with them on a regular basis)
  5. Two peer level leaders

Are you ready to take responsibility for the decisions you’ve made? If so…dive in!

View: 360 Review Template

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